Presentation Skills and Media Training That Honor the Audience and Sharpen Your Marketing Message

“According to most studies, people’s Number One fear is public speaking. Number Two is death. That means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”
– John Steinbeck, novelist

I’d like to thank a senior government bureaucrat for motivating me recently to do something I should have done years ago — add speech and presentation training to my offerings. As she stumbled through one image after another in a room darkened so that a bunch of breakfasting consultants could “see” a dense Power Point show with often unreadable slides, I asked myself: “What is her message? What does she want us to take away from her time with us? Why am I here?”

Effective presentations start with the same ingredients as effective writing: Know and communicate directly to the audience and their needs; strive to edify, not impress, in clear and concise language; and edit yourself — or rehearse, in the case of speaking.

A brief word about audience, whether they’re readers or listeners. If you’re communicating with, for instance, consultants, ask yourself: “How can I make my content useful to them? What specifically would they like to learn from our encounter to help them attract and keep clients?”

Answer those questions and you’ll be far less likely to stand up there — or tap away at the keyboard — trying to impress everyone with how much you know. And if you can avoid being so verbose that they’re glancing at their watches, you’re bound to get some provocative questions. In other words, you and your audience will connect.

Media Relations Training

“Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice; journalism what will be grasped at once.”
– Cyril Connolly, English writer

Learning to deal with the press constructively need not be limited to traditional definitions of news. Some realistic role-playing in a training setting can, in fact, help you frame and sharpen your message for commercial purposes.

That’s where I can be of assistance. As a former newspaper and magazine reporter, I like to know how things work and what sets them apart. Then I pass on what I’ve learned in succinct prose, as Connolly noted.

Let me explain. A couple years ago, a clever nurse in Maine came up with a blend of four aromatic oils that she said eased the nausea of first-trimester pregnancy, chemotherapy and motion sickness. To help with marketing, I put her through the sorts of questions a reporter for the business section of a newspaper or magazine might ask. Then I wrote an article about her “aromatherapy,” which we discussed in detail for lessons learned.

The result? She and her marketing and investment associates came out of the exercise with a much clearer view of how the public would perceive their unusual product. The questions I asked were born of healthy skepticism, and she said she planned to adjust her pitch accordingly.

Debt Negotiation Services – How to Negotiate and Legally Eliminate Unsecured Debts

The global meltdown has spread waves of financial loss all around the world with affecting almost all the fields of business in the entire world. You might be surprised to know the financial sectors have suffered a huge loss and are struggling to recover their losses. Now, their troubles have multiplied since they are not able to retain their customers and not able to recover money they had lent their consumers.

Remember that the creditors are equally desperate to get these debts eliminated so that they can recover some amount of their invested money. The best and proven way to buy the confidence of the creditors is to take up debt negotiation services. To take help of these services, you will need to satisfy some conditions. Once you enter into comfort zone, you can now go ahead and start preparing for proposing a solution to the creditors and work on convincing them.

Selecting a reputed and efficient program can direct you to take appropriate steps. The creditors would have a close look into your current financial condition and how capable you are to repay the bill. They refer to your credit ratings and find out your financial stability. So, in order to gain their attention and consider our proposal, you should work to attracting them with our plans. If you are able to earn their confidence on our plans to stabilize money flow, half of the job is done.

This can be done effectively with the help of professionals and settlement firms. The experts at the firms can give you the best advice and working on these tips can really bring a lot of difference to your proposal. A concrete plan is required to prove how efficiently you will handle money in future and how you will pay back the interest every month. This is important and a good plan can fetch a good deal. So, here is the secret and it can be cracked with the help of debt negotiation services. Take their help and frame a good strategy after detailed discussion with them. This can easily convince them and you will definitely be awarded with handsome reduction in debt amount.

Guide To Business Negotiating DVD by Roger Dawson

Business negotiations are so powerful, according to Roger Dawson, that nothing affects a business’ bottom line more. In the Guide to Business Negotiating DVD, Roger Dawson discusses his experience with and gives advice on how you can bring more to the table in your business and increase your profits by learning power negotiation tactics.

Whether you’re an independent salesman or large organization, you can benefit by listening to the Guide to Business Negotiating DVD if for no other reason than to learn lessons to share with others. Ultimately, however, your entire goal should be to improve your communication skills and utilize the negotiation tactics Roger Dawson talks about.

Nibbling and What it Has To Do with Negotiating

One of the most important principles that Roger Dawson discusses is the principle of “nibbling” during negotiations. He gives an example of his own high school daughter asking him to pay for an all-expense paid trip to Europe, but instead of asking for everything at once, she asked for what she needed a little at a time.

As a power negotiator, the Guide to Business Negotiating DVD reinforces this principle you need to stick by to be an effective negotiator. This can be an effective tool if you need to up-sell service contracts or extended warranties for products you’re selling to a customer. Roger talks about why the principle of “nibbling” is possible, that the mind always works to reinforce the decision the customer has made. In this way, you can get people to agree to things they wouldn’t have agreed to earlier.

When Are Customers Vulnerable?

The Guide to Business Negotiating DVD also discusses the timing that power negotiators wait for in order to influence others. Roger Dawson tells you the exact point at which customers are vulnerable, the point at which you’re vulnerable as well. He tells you ways to counteract and prevent deals from falling through the cracks and ways to make sure that you negotiate the deals–in your favor–with customers.

How to Power Negotiate

The author of the book does not simply review tricks you can use to learn to power negotiate, but you learn how to communicate during your negotiation sessions with customers, suppliers or whoever it may be that you’re in negotiations with. For example, the Guide to Business Negotiating DVD gives you counter-strategies you can use to make deals, how to make customers feel good about giving into you and what you need to do to make sure that the customer agrees to your request.

At the end of your negotiation deals, Roger makes a point that you should never gloat about making the deal, but always congratulate the customer on the deal he made. This not only leaves the customer with a good impression of you, but it also strokes their ego and helps them feel good about the deal they just made.

The Guide to Business Negotiating DVD details numerous power negotiation strategies you can use in your everyday work routine and communications with customers. The implication Roger Dawson makes about the effects of incorporating negotiation skills into your business is a huge one. Whether you’re a commissioned salesperson who needs to increase his commission check or an organization that needs to make a dramatic change in the way it does business with customers, Roger Dawson and his Guide to Business Negotiating DVD can help.