Do Not Pass When Opposing Traffic Present

That is written on several road signs along the highway near Traverse City, Michigan. Those signs drive me crazy. Every time I see those signs I can’t help but think, “Well, DUH!!!” Who in their right mind would pass a car when there is oncoming traffic present? The sad fact is that someone obviously did, or those signs would not exist. Good grief.

Many times, even with such obvious warning signs we proceed recklessly. Have you ever passed when opposing traffic was present?

How about in your marriage… are you heeding the warning signs that pop up along the highway?

“Do not stop communicating with your spouse”

“Do not blow the family budget”

“Do not embarrass your spouse in public”

“Do not keep secrets from your spouse”

Those seems like no-brainers, too, don’t they? It’s surprising, though, how many times married couples ignore those road signs and suffer serious consequences as a result.

A wife has issues with something her husband is doing but won’t talk to him about it. Instead, she silently sulks and grows increasingly bitter and resentful. COMMUNICATE… duh!

A husband goes on a spending spree that is not accounted for in the family budget, causing a credit card burden that the family cannot afford. FOLLOW THE BUDGET… duh!

A wife shows up at her work office, irritated with her husband for something he said to her that morning. Rather than dealing with it in private with her husband, she instead recounts the entire scenario with all her coworkers carefully including every excruciating detail of what he did. RESPECT EACH OTHER… duh!

A husband knows he should be spending his afternoon with his children but goes fishing with a friend instead. He doesn’t tell his wife, and he maybe even tells a few white lies about his whereabouts so she doesn’t catch on. BE HONEST… duh!

Sometimes there is really no question why issues in a marriage exist. The issues I mentioned certainly aren’t rocket science, yet many times we make these and other such obvious blunders. We need to do a little soul-searching from time to time to really ask ourselves in what ways we could improve as a spouse. Prayer is a great avenue for this– God is really good at laying issues on our hearts for us to deal with. My continuous prayers include asking God to show me ways I can be a better wife. I’m surprised sometimes at the obvious blunders I make. Thank the Lord (and Ryan) for grace! I guess at times we just need a road sign here or there to remind us of what we already know: