How to Avoid the Pain of Negotiating Real Estate Commissions

If you’re a home seller doing your homework, you will discover that the largest home selling expense you will have is the commission.

The cost will probably shock you!

The good news is that all commissions are negotiable.

But have you ever tried to negotiate a commission with an agent?

Go ahead. Try it.

Here are some of the responses you’ll get:


“You get what you pay for”

“If an agent can’t negotiate their own commission then how can they negotiate for you?

“If you negotiate a lower commission, then the agent has no incentive to work”

“Paying a lower commission is penny wise and pound foolish.”

And there are at least a dozen more things a real estate agent might say to discourage you from negotiating a lower commission.

You see, traditional brokers have trained their agents to give these responses to home sellers who want to negotiate the commission. Agents take classes and read books to learn how to defend their commission.

Now, there’s a very good reason agents give home sellers a hard time about a commission reduction. And it has nothing to do with any truth behind their statements.

Truth be told, most agents who work for large brokerage companies simply DO NOT have the authority to negotiate the commission.

Here’s why…

Although commissions are by law negotiable and are not fixed, real estate companies are allowed to set the commission rate for their own companies. Any agent working for the company must adhere to the commission plan set by their broker.

In order for a real estate agent to charge anything less than the commission rate set by the broker, they would have to have their broker’s permission AND the circumstances would have to be extraordinary.


So, how do you go around this problem and avoid the pain of negotiating with a real estate agent?


Seek out an independent broker. An independent broker is an individual who runs and operates their own real estate company.

Independent brokers often run small companies without the high overhead associated with running a large company. Business 101 tells us that a company must charge fees that are high enough to cover their overhead costs plus enough to make a profit. High overhead = high fees.

Here’s another reason…

Independent real estate brokers have the authority and ability to act as both the broker and the listing agent. In essence, they eliminate the need to allocate a part of the commission to the listing agent. It’s like buying your real estate services wholesale.

Because of this, independent brokers have more flexibility with the fees they charge and are able to tailor their fees to suit your needs.

You can avoid the pain of trying to negotiate a commission with a traditional real estate agent by simply choosing to do business with a smaller company owned and operated by an independent real estate broker.

Debt Settlement Tips – What Should You Consider Before Negotiating a Settlement Deal

When it comes to negotiating a Settlement Deal it is highly in value that you make things right. Here, it comes prior to everything because the entire process depends on your first step. So, what should you consider before negotiating one?

First of all, it is mandatory to state here that picking your relief service is very important and it is a very important aspect to be aware of in the process of selecting your relief service. As a matter of fact, it requires some homework. Here, you should never walk directly into one such settlement company in order to get a proven deal for you, but should first of all check for the possibilities of collecting information about it prior to making decisions.

This will be very effective in order to reach your success. You can pick relevant information here through your friends as well as other learned sources, certainly people who know about it! But also you can gain some support through written sources like newspaper as well as related documents. Another fact which will help you to get prepared before negotiating a settlement deal is the World Wide Web.

This certainly is another way which many in the United States gain required information. As a matter of fact, it stands great compared to other sources. These are some proven methods what you should consider before negotiating a debt settlement deal and greatly important if you opt to reach your goals of success! So, you should not be panic, when you realize that you are under huge debts. Just, use your knowledge well and try to come out from it in a smart way.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy – How Bankruptcy Can Be Avoided With Debt Negotiation

The term Bankruptcy is itself considered nothing but loss from both the lenders and the borrowers’ point of view. This is the most traditional and the old way for the settlement of debts but there are many complications and hardships related with this method. That is the reason, why people are not encouragingly to opt for this method. Even the banks and the financial institutions do not want their customers to file for bankruptcy because in this way, they will not get any thing. No doubts that filling for bankruptcy help the person in coming out from the stress of financial instability in very short spans of time but in the long run, they will face a lot of problems and difficulties. One of the greatest problems they will face for next many years is that they will not be authorized to get any financial aid from banks.

Bankruptcy can only be avoided if the person goes for debt negotiation process. Debt negotiation is the best alternative of bankruptcy. Process of negotiation is very easy and less time taking that is why, many people are opting for this. Many professional negotiation firms are working and person can hire their services easily and conveniently. No doubts that the fees of these firms are a bit high but as long as the person is getting the benefit of elimination in the debts, this high fee does not matter. In the process of debt negotiation, the financial experts of negotiation firms talk with the lenders on the behalf of the borrowers. The aim of these negotiations is to make the lenders realize about the bad financial condition of the borrower from which he is going through. As these experts are so trained, they easily have the ability to convince the lender for the terms and conditions of the negotiation. By the help of debt negotiation, person is able to get almost 50% reductions in the amount of unsecured debts and the remaining will be paid by them as per the financial condition of the borrower.

Bankruptcy can only be avoided, if the person hires the services of the debt settlement or the debt negotiation firm. Even the banks and the financial institution are encouraging the individuals to select debt negotiation rather than filling for bankruptcy