Knowing Your Audience Is Your 1st Step in Creating Your Speech or Presentation

When you are asked, requested, or invited to speak, whether it is for your company, a business organization, a leads club, or some type of conference, how familiar are you with your audience and their needs? As much as you may want to deliver a stellar presentation, if you do not know to whom you are speaking, then you may be wasting their time and yours.

If you think that standing in front of an audience is about you, then you are mistaken. It is about how your message can help, enlighten, educate, and/or motivate them. The truth is that your purpose for addressing an audience is because of them and about them. Those who are really successful and skilled on the public speaking circuit understand this basic fundamental.

Unless you know to whom you are speaking, you cannot even begin the creation of your material. With this in mind, you must ask your host or the person inviting you about your audience and how your topic can or should affect them. Only then can you tailor your material around their needs.

A good example is a presentation I gave at a conference for non-fiction writers. Specifically, the area to be covered was how to deal with the media. While I teach voice and presentation skills, in this particular situation, I stressed speaking with color. Color is that which makes the voice interesting to listen to and is marked by the life, the animation, and the emotion you express in your vocal variety, facial expression, and body language.

From my experience, I have found that writers often express their emotion in their writing and not in their vocal delivery. Of course I am generalizing, but having worked with thousands of voices, I have found that there are some groups of people, such as accountants, research scientists, and athletes, who often do not speak with color. They keep their emotions bottled up inside of them. For these groups as well, I would focus on being more expressive in their delivery

When I talk to realtors, on the other hand, I do not stress color but instead deal more with the quality of the speaking voice. People in sales speak with color; their interest often lies more with the sound of the voice.

Different audiences – different approaches. Yes, I am covering the same material in a broad sense, but my focus will be different. How I build my subtopics; i.e. voice quality, volume, projection, and color, will be entirely dependent on my audience. This means my outline will differ as well as the anecdotes I use.

Knowing your audience is of utmost importance for your success in public speaking. Take the time to inquire about those who will be in attendance so that you can satisfy their needs.

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What’s Your Negotiating Attitude?

Effective negotiations result from a combination of knowledge, experience, expertise, clear cut goals and aspirations, perspective, persistence and attitude. However, unless a negotiator enters the process with the right attitude, there will rarely be any opportunity for meaningful or long lasting success. When negotiations are successful, it brings on a meeting of the minds, where both sides truly communicate their needs and wants, and talk to each other rather than speaking at them! The predominant types of negotiating attitudes are: 1. Adversarial; 2. Defeatist; 3. Confident and competent; and, 4. Win – win. Nearly in every instance, the potential success of any negotiation is based on the negotiator’s attitude and approach.

1. Some ineffective individuals that believe they know how to negotiate begin the process as an adversarial one. They look at negotiating as something to win, rather than trying to come to an agreement that all can feel good about. These individuals often shade the truth or facts, over – promise, ask for too much, are unreasonable, and have an inflated opinion of their negotiating position and value.

2. Others seem to have the attitude that they are over their heads, and either try to compensate by using bravado, or fail to ask the right questions, or be strong enough to stand up and defend their demands and clearly identify their needs and desires. This creates a non – communicative environment where the two sides rarely discuss the most essential elements that should be addressed through this process. When someone enters this scenario and does not believe in his abilities, ideas or ideals sufficiently to defend them, he rarely competently negotiates.

3. There is always an essential need for any negotiator to be both confident and competent. What is the training, experience or expertise level of the individuals involved in these discussions? When someone takes the process seriously, and does not begin by believing that he is automatically qualified or up for the task, he obtains a significant amount of training, understudies with experts, and gains the abilities to provide him with actual self – confidence, instead of merely false bravado.

4. In my over three decades of involvement in hundreds of significant and meaningful negotiations, I have come to realize that one should never judge the success or effectiveness of negotiating immediately, but rather wait for the longer term results and ramifications. In order to obtain the results one seeks, he must begin with the attitude that the party across the table is not his adversary, and that they are equals. When win – win negotiating is the goal and mindset, optimal and longest lasting, most successful results and ramifications are obtained.

One of the reasons that professional negotiators are generally more successful than inexperienced individuals, is their approach and attitude to this process. Only when one begins with and maintains this needed attitude does he achieve the needed results and agreements.